Morning Update: A Cooler Wednesday


A cold front that came through last night will lead to cooler temperatures and mostly clear skies today. The high will reach 60. This morning will be breezy with winds from the north at 6-8 mph but will slow down as the day progresses.

Day 9 image not available

The cold front that is responsible for cooler temperatures today (via WPC)


Lows will fall into the mid to upper 40s and skies will remain mostly clear. Winds will pick up from the south over night to around 5 mph. 


Tomorrow (Thursday):

Thursday will be significantly warmer as a warm front is expected to pass though overnight Wednesday. The high Thursday will be near 80. Winds will continue to blow from the south and gradually shift to the northwest at 6-8 mph. The day will start out mostly clear but clouds will build in throughout the day.


A Look Ahead:

Friday will be cool and rainy as a cold front will pass through early Friday morning. The front will be accompanied by less than a quarter inch of rain and gusty winds from the northwest at 7-10 mph. After the rain moves out we can expect a sunny weekend with highs in the 50’s. Next week temperatures will warm up into the upper 50’s and low 60’s and skies will be mostly clear.


Featured image via Matt Collins