About UMD Mesoterps

Mesoterps is a student-led project in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOSC) at UMD. Our goal is the installation of a micronet of 10 weather stations around the University of Maryland’s College Park campus. The purpose of Mesoterps is many-faceted; we aim to monitor environmental data such as temperature and particulate matter in order to assess the impacts of the urban heat and pollution on the student body, as well as provide UMD students and faculty the ability to monitor current weather conditions right on campus. Mesoterps gives UMD undergraduate students the opportunity to work hands on, be it setting up and mounting weather stations or creating interactive displays of the data we collect.


The process that goes into getting approval, calibrating sensors, and mounting a weather station is long. Mesoterps aims to have three stations up and running by the end of the Spring 2023 semester! We also plan to incorporate particulate matter and CO2 into our station sensor suite.


So far, we’ve deployed stations at four locations: the Atlantic building, the UMD Golf Course, the A.V. Williams building, and Van Munching hall. You can view the data from all our currently running stations here.


Maria Nikolaitchik – Student Project Lead

Greenhouse Gas Sensor Development Team

Jack Bowe

Megan Brown

Logan Nocket

Duncan Santerre

Pantea Vafaei

Website Development Team

Malcolm Maas

Jason Youm

Data Visualization Team

Katherine Lehman

Duncan Santerre

Jason Youm

A big thanks to our station deployment team: Ainsley Giles, Valerie Gorden, Ethan Heidtman, Nichola Maynard, and Logan Nocket!

The interactive station map and weather station webpages were developed by Malcolm Maas. The widget for NOAA weather alerts was developed by Jason Youm and Malcom Maas. All weather stations consist of Davis Vantage Pro2 weather stations and Raspberry PIs running Weewx, an open source software for weather-data collection.


We’d like to thank the following organizations for providing funding for the project:

  • The MADE CLEAR Partnership
  • Brammer Technology
  • The University of Maryland Department of Atmospheric Science

Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about UMD Mesoterps, please contact Maria Nikolaitchik at mnikolai@umd.edu.