Morning Update: Another Pleasant Fall-Like Day


It’ll be another pleasant day ahead with mild temperatures expected. Some patches of the sky will have clouds throughout the day, but the sun will be able to poke through. There is a slight chance for a brief sprinkle of rain in the early afternoon, but do not count on it. Temperatures climb into the mid 60s, with a high of 67 by mid-afternoon. It will be breezy around midday, with winds out of the west at 8-10 mph, but winds will calm a little as we head into the evening. 

Map of Maryland showing the high temperatures for today. (via NOAA NWS)


Mostly clear skies continue overnight, as winds remain calm out of the west-northwest. The low temperature will be 45 and no rain is expected.

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

Our streak of beautiful weather continues tomorrow, as high pressure remains fixed over the Mid-Atlantic. The day will start out with mostly clear skies, but clouds do increase slightly as we head into the afternoon. However, no rain is expected. Temperatures hover in the mid 60s, with another high of 67. Winds will be light at 5-7 mph out of the west. 

A Look Ahead:

Fortunately, near perfect outdoor weather through Friday, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s along with partly cloud skies above. Unfortunately, that streak of dry weather is expected just in time for the weekend, as a low-pressure system traverses across the Mid-Atlantic. This system is expected to bring widespread showers from Friday night through Sunday, so get your outdoor activities in while you can!


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