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Morning Update: Not so Terrific Tuesday


Good morning Terps! I had hoped for some nice weather today, but it looks like Tuesday won’t be so terrific after all. We will see a slight chance of showers today of around 20% as the sky will remain mostly cloudy. Always be prepared and bring a jacket; no one likes walking around campus in the rain. Temps will reach a high of 73 degrees with winds from the northeast sticking around 6 mph.


It’s the same boat unfortunately for the evening because the cloudy skies will continue. Expect patchy fog after 3 a.m. Surface winds will be a constant 1-3 mph through the night, and temps will settle for a low of 61 degrees. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday): 

We will happily see some sunshine today after the dismissal of patchy fog around 9 a.m. Cloud cover will greatly vary throughout the day with temps reaching their high of 79 degrees between 3 and 4 p.m. Winds will remain calm from shifting directions into the night, as temps will flatten around 60 degrees.

Looking Ahead: 

Should be a sunny rest of the week, except for Saturday as the chance of precipitation is 30%. Friday will see the highest temps of the week nearing 84 degrees. 

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