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Morning Update: I Woke Up Breezy


High winds today, with gusts reaching up to 40 mph. Temperatures should peak near 70 degrees F, with a low around 40 degrees F. Skies will alternate between clear and cloudy, as the strong winds blow through our region. Gusts could reach up to forty m.p.h., so be prepared if you plan to spend time outside today. Tonight, crisp and clear, as temperatures steadily drop from the mid fifties at sunset to the 

Tomorrow (Saturday):

Just a gorgeous first day of May; sunny with a high of around 68 degrees F and a low of 52 degrees F.

A Look Ahead:

Alternating rain and sun this week, as it appears that April showers have moved back to May. Just take a look below:

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Looks like this next week is going to be a wet one. Stay ready!

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