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Morning Update: More of that Good Weather


Today will be like much of the weather we have been experiencing since the start of this week, generally warm with temperatures as high as 56 F in the afternoon. Temperatures will be in the low 40s on the commute to campus. We can expect mostly cloudy skies to pick up in the evening, though no event of precipitation over the region is expected. A nice gentle breeze will be enough for you to kick it outside!

Weather Prediction Center National Forecast Chart displaying key features over the United States such as rain, thunderstorms, and frontal systems
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Temperatures tonight will remain in the high 40s with no forecasted chance of precipitation over the College Park area. Over in Western Maryland, precipitation is likely to occur brought on by the cold frontal system sweeping over from yesterday. Winds will continue to remain calm throughout the night. Cloud cover will remain mostly cloudy, though there is a chance that you will catch a glimpse of the full moon.

Tomorrow (Thursday):

Tomorrow promises another beautiful day with temperatures in the low 60s in the afternoon. Skies will be partly sunny, but just enough for you to take in some rays! A calm breeze is expected to occur throughout the day.

A Look Ahead:

Just after Thursday, rain is likely to pass over the region on Friday with temperatures in the low 70s. A chance of rain is forecasted to persist into the Spring Break.