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MORNING UPDATE: Sunny with a Chance of COLD


While the rain may be gone for the moment, today will the coldest its been all month due to a high pressure system moving through from the north. As you head to breakfast in the morning be sure to dress extra warmly as the temperatures around 8am will be around 19 degrees. The temperature will climb during the day, but the high will only be 38 degrees. Winds will be around 5mph from the north-east earlier in the day but will eventually turn south later in the day as the high pressure system moves off the coast.


Heading into the evening the temperatures will drop as the sun sets, but it will be slightly warmer than last night dropping to only 28 degrees. There will be mild winds with little wind chill due to the winds coming from the south.

Tomorrow (Sunday):

Sunday will be much warmer with the temperature climbing to the low 50s during the day due to a low pressure system passing by the area. The evening will drop into the mid 30s and winds will be light.

A Look Ahead:

This week will start with warmer temps of around 50 degrees but then on Tuesday the rain will be back. After that temperatures will once again cool to the 40s and 30s the rest of the week.

A look of the temperatures and winds for the day (Picture courtesy of Tropical Tidbits)