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Morning Update: Sunny Skies Before Finals

After the rainy and dreadful past couple days, the skies look like they’re finally going to open up. Expect the sunshine to be blaring down most of the day with temperatures peaking in the mid 40s. It will also be a bit windy with wind speeds in the teens. so dress accordingly.

Current Temperatures courtesy of NBC


It’ll be a typical early December night as temps drop down near, but now below freezing. Clouds will roll in as the sun is dropping providing the perfect blanket to make the night manageable.

Tomorrow (Thursday):

We should see a healthy rise in the temperatures, topping out around 50 degrees. As the day progresses, so will the cloud cover – clear skies in the a.m. and cloudy skies in the p.m. Additionally, expect the wind to be similar to Wednesday’s.

A Look Ahead:

Thursday and Friday keep the trend of the week with partly cloudy skies, high 40 temperatures, and moderate winds. For those getting their last taste of the Frats’ warm beer before finals hit, make sure to bring a jacket as it will likely go below freezing on your walk home Friday night.

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