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A dreary Friday will, unfortunately, be turning into a dreary, rainy weekend. Temperatures today will be cooler with the day starting out in the low 30s and reaching a high of 46 degrees in the afternoon. Despite the cooler temperatures in the morning, the skies will be partly cloudy and the rain will hold off until the afternoon. So if you have errands to run, it’ll probably be best to take care of them in the morning as clouds will begin moving in, along with a 90 percent chance of rain. This rainy, cloudy weather will be due to a low pressure system carrying moisture from the south. Winds are expected to be light today.


The rain will continue into tonight accumulating up to a half inch and temperatures will drop back down to around 40 degrees. The winds will also pick up to around 5-10 mph. It’ll be a good night to stay in and maybe get a head start on studying for those finals that are approaching quite quickly.

Tomorrow (Sunday)

Heading into tomorrow, the rain will begin moving out and by the afternoon, skies are expected to be mostly sunny. The temperatures will reach a high of around 51 degrees. Winds will continue with gusts of 12-20 mph.

A Look Ahead:

This week temperatures will be fairly warm, staying around the 50s-60s each day. Skies will also be partly cloudy. A great week for traveling and relaxing for thanksgiving break (its almost here finally!).

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Forecast chart depicting the low pressure system that will be moving through the area today along with the precipitation (Courtesy of Weather Prediction Center)