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Morning Update: A Chilly November Sunday

We’re just 10 days away from Thanksgiving Break and the weather is definitely feeling like it. This morning’s low temperature of 30-degrees will be chilly for those early risers. If you’re heading out for an early trip to Washington, D.C. or working out early at the gym you’ll want to grab a jacket and a hat before leaving your room. During the day, you can expect it to be mostly cloudy with some sunshine. Temperatures will reach the mid-40s and the breeze will make it feel a bit colder. It won’t be the kind of day to hang out outside, I recommend staying inside and watching your favorite Disney show on Disney+ or catching up on homework.


Temperatures won’t be as cold as Sunday morning; the low temperature is expected to be 37-degrees. The winds will persist, so it will feel a bit chillier than the thermometer says. The clouds will stick around, and there will be a chance of rain after midnight. If you leave your room to get that late-night dinner at the dining hall, don’t forget the jacket and sweatpants because it will be chilly!

This surface analysis outlines the area where rain is expected tonight. (via The Weather Prediction Center)

Tomorrow (Monday):

The high temperature on Monday will be 47-degrees and the winds will be calm, so you won’t need your heavy coat. You’ll want to bring your umbrella with you to class, though, because there is a chance of precipitation in the afternoon.

A Look Ahead:

The rest of this week is looking nice for the middle of November. The high temperatures will be in the mid-50s and low-temperatures will be in the upper-30s. There are no chances of precipitation until Friday.

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