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Morning Update: A Wet Weekend Ahead

With temperatures expected to dip to around 46 degrees F, this morning will remain chilly up until later this afternoon. Then, temperatures are expected to increase to a high of about 68 degrees F. Expect some foggy conditions to start off our morning, with the clear cloudless skies during the night allowing for surface temperatures to cool off enough for some morning dew. Winds are not anticipated to go above 5 m.p.h. and most areas should be clear of fog by 9 a.m. Later today, expect mostly sunny skies thanks to the high pressure overhead, which will also help keep us from seeing any rain for today.

Tonight: (Friday Night)

Expect the night to bring with it more clouds and temperatures hovering around 50 degrees F. Winds should continue to be light and calm, and rain should still remain out of the picture. Some fogginess may develop into early Saturday morning, but it should be broken up thanks to the heat that will be trapped in by tonight’s cloud deck.

The Weekend Ahead:

Looking ahead into Saturday, we can expect our temperatures to remain consistent, with a high in the mid 60’s on Saturday. Then, a high near 67 degrees F expected on Sunday. Unfortunately for those who have tired of the cloudy and rainy conditions seen the past two weeks, the weekend will bring more of tropical moisture. With Tropical Depression Thirteen having formed in the Gulf of Mexico, the system is expected to move into the Gulf States before dissipating into an extratropical system and jetting through the Mid Atlantic out to sea. This system will likely begin impacting the region early Sunday morning, with models currently projecting the region will receive between 0.5 and 0.75 inches of rain. Expect Sunday to remain overcast even after the rain exits the region, much like last Sunday.

Latest Quantitative Precipitation Forecast courtesy of the Weather Prediction Center. Note the broad swathes of rainfall expected throughout the region due to the development of Tropical Depression Thirteen.

Featured Image courtesy of from Pexels