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The Cold Continues

Yesterday in College Park, we experienced strong winds that reminded everyone what season comes after autumn. Some of that continues today.

Today: A mild, sunny day today, with temperatures topping out around 62 degrees. Winds will be coming in from the NW at 10 to 15 m.p.h. Outside of that, really nothing special going on during the day.

Tonight: Things get interesting tonight as temperatures are expected to fall to around 38 degrees F tonight. According to data acquired from NOAA, the lowest temperature ever recorded on October 18 in this area was 34 degrees in 1876. We’re definitely getting close to that number tonight, so bust out that winter coat because it is time to use it.

A Look Ahead: Not too much to look forward to here in College Park, aside from some rain showers on Sunday and Tuesday. Temperatures seem to be staying below 70 degrees throughout the week, so it seems that we can safely say that the summer heat is past us for this year.

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