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Evening Update: Muggy Weekend

Today has been very warm and muggy. However, this kind of weather might not last so long.


Temperatures will drop from the mid-70s in the afternoon to mid-60s at midnight. The relative humidity will be increasing tonight and is going to reach 55%, so the muggy, sticky weather is not ending yet. In addition, there are some chances of showers early in the morning.

Tomorrow (Sunday):

There should be a high temperature around the mid-70s in the afternoon. However, shortly after, a low pressure system with a cold front will sweep through our area and possibly trigger some scattered thunderstorms. Stronger thunderstorms would come around 1 to 3 a.m..

Cold Front Sweeping through the North East Region (via Tropical Tidbits).

A Look Ahead:

With a trough and a high pressure system taking over next week, we can expect cooler and drier weather. This will give way to a temporary end to this muggy weather.

Allergy Information: With low wind, tree pollen count is very high today.

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