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Evening Update: IT’S COLD COLD

It is a truly bone-chilling day on campus, and the faces of suffering students braving the cold certainly represent it. The thermometer may read 30 degrees, but the wind chill brings the “feels like temperature” into the teens. Despite the wind speeds reaching the mid-teens, there was one bright side to the day: the sun of course! With only partly cloudy skies, the sunshine makes the day more bearable.

Today’s Wind Chill Temperature’s via Weather Central.


Temperatures tonight will be even colder than today, reaching just under 20 degrees around dawn. On the bright side, wind speeds will die down over night coming to about 5 mph. The chilly temperatures tonight will be a partial result from the cloudless night allowing some surface heat to escape to space.

Tomorrow (Thursday):

The trend of cold weather will continue into Tuesday, yet it will be slightly more bearable with the high temperature reaching the low 40s. Additionally, the wind chill will still be a factor in keeping the day cold with wind speeds approaching double digits. Studying for midterms with a warm cup of tea will certainly be a good move.

Tomorrow Night:

Thursday will have some cloud cover allowing for a warmer night. Expect temperatures to be in the high 20s and the winds to be low to negligible.

Look Ahead:

We could see some flurries late Friday morning, but it’s nothing to get too excited about as the precipitation is likely to quickly develop into rain. The rain should be light and temperatures should be dancing around freezing throughout the day. After a brutal week we will finally see some warmer temperatures this weekend with Saturday’s high in the low 40s and Sunday’s in the low 60s! Unfortunately, our warm Sunday will be hindered by afternoon showers.

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