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Evening Update: Marching into Winter Weather

It’s a mild and sunny Thursday in College Park with temperatures reaching the mid-40s to wrap up February. Although it wasn’t super chilly today, winds were far from calm with gusts reaching up to 20 mph. While some of us think of Spring when we think of March, Winter will be greeting us when we enter the first day of March tomorrow. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory, which will be in effect from 10 p.m. today until 10 a.m. tomorrow. Because this doesn’t guarantee snow accumulation or class cancellations, you may want to wear your pajamas inside out and do a snow dance just to be safe!



Winds will settle down and snow and sleet will move into the area after midnight. The low temperature will be just under freezing at around 30 degrees. It is possible for the snow and ice to accumulate to about 1-2 inches overnight, so exercise caution if you plan to be out past midnight.


Tomorrow (Friday):

Snow and sleet will continue through the morning, so delays and cancellations across the DC area are likely. Roads will be messy in the morning and sidewalks will be slick, so be careful if you need to drive or walk anywhere! Temperatures will rise throughout the day tomorrow into the mid-30s, which will cause the snow and sleet to change into rain. Tomorrow is definitely a rain boots and umbrella type of day.

The DC area is predicted to receive 1-2 inches of snowfall between 7 p.m. Thursday and 1 p.m. Friday. (Via the National Weather Service)

Tomorrow Night:

A chance of rain will linger into Friday evening and temperatures will be in the mid-30s. It will be a mostly cloudy night, and winds will be calm. Although Friday morning will be a mess across the region, conditions will improve throughout the day, so if you plan to head out Friday night you won’t need to cancel your plans. If going out isn’t your style, Friday night will also be a perfect night to stay in and watch movies.


A Look Ahead:

The first weekend of March is looking rainy, but temperatures are looking mild. Saturday will have a high temperature around 50 degrees and will be cloudy in the afternoon after a chance of rain in the morning. Another system of rain will move in Sunday afternoon, and temperatures will be in the mid-40s, making for a perfect day to stay indoors to get some homework done.

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