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Evening Update: Slush may overtake sunny skies on Saturday

Soak in the sunny reprieve from cold temperatures and gray skies before the clouds roll in tonight and into tomorrow.  Today we enjoyed some anomalously high temperatures but unfortunately a cold front is creeping in this evening to crash the party this President’s Day weekend. Enjoy the southerly flow of winds before the icy air and disturbances make an appearance tomorrow for a chance of wintry mix. Depending on how some of this plays out, we might just miss most of this precipitation.


Tonight (Friday): 

Around 9 or 10 p.m., the cold front will just be striking our region so even if you felt warm enough to sit outside on the deck at Looneys this afternoon, you’ll be sorely missing that jacket if you leave after sunset. The winds will slowly shift from southerly to northwesterly, ushering in cold temperatures and gusts up to 20 miles per hour.  There is a chance of isolated showers associated with this front so if you really want to be cautious, throw that umbrella into your bag as well today. The bigger disturbance to our east that will really be the catalyst for wintry mix won’t likely be making a mark until early tomorrow morning, however.

The change in temperatures will feel drastic as the cold front crosses through. (via GFS model)


Tomorrow (Saturday):

Once again a lot of the action for snow will be passing to our south, but temperatures will definitely be chilly enough by tomorrow morning to support some light snow if the disturbance creeps up. It really just depends on how fast the jet streak (a wavy pattern of fast-upper level winds that influences our weather) passes through–right now it seems like Sunday holds the better potential for being a slush-fest. The high temperatures will barely break forties however as clouds will predominate throughout the day. Winds should maintain an agreeable 10 miles per hour at the very least. And hey not all is lost right–if the pieces come into play Sunday we could be looking forward to a delay Monday.

Our chances for snow or accumulation of wintry mix reside largely on the movement of this jet streak and so far looks like we’ll get more action in our region on Sunday (via GFS model)

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