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Evening Update: Warm Weather Gives Way to Cold Rain

Today’s weather was a wonderful break from winter. The high temperature reached 70 degrees, and clear skies made it feel more like May than February. It was a great day to go outside, and even wear shorts. However, this burst of warm air is temporary, so enjoy it while it lasts.


Temperatures drop rapidly after sunset, with no clouds to serve as a blanket to keep the warmth in. The overnight low is 39 degrees, a whole 30 degrees lower than the high. Winds begin to strengthen as a cold front moves through, which will bring late night clouds, and eventually, storms.

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

Temperatures barely rise tomorrow due to clouds blocking incoming sunlight, limiting the high to barely scraping 50 degrees. Winds are light and variable during the day, a calm before the storm. During the afternoon, some isolated rain showers could occur.

Tomorrow Night:

The aforementioned showers reach their full strength overnight, meaning steady showers throughout the region. The temperature only drops a few degrees during the storm, limiting the overnight low to the mid-40s. During the rain showers, winds will be light and variable.

Looking Ahead:

The second half of the week will see some isolated sprinkles, but no major precipitation as the system moves out. Temperatures reach into the upper 50s during the day. Over the weekend, the remainder of the clouds move out, but temperatures drop into the low 40s. And looking way forward to the beginning of next week, there is a chance for overnight snow showers, though it’s too early to tell for sure.

Precipitation on Wednesday at 1 am local time. While we get rain from this event, the strongest portions move northwards over Pennsylvania and New England (GFS Precipitation Rate via Tropical Tidbits)


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