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Evening Update: Wind to Chill Terps During First Week of Classes

The University of Maryland made the decision to close at 2 p.m. due to the wintry mix predicted. This unexpected snow day on day two of syllabus week doesn’t come with the same satisfaction as one that falls during midterm season, but Terps don’t seem to mind. More importantly, Maryland basketball is still open for business and tonight’s game against Northwestern at 7 p.m. will continue as scheduled.

Tonight (Tuesday):

The light snow has not been sticking to the ground and will end at 8 p.m. A cold front will come through this evening and temperatures will drop into the teens after a high in the low 40s today. Winds from the northwest will be at 7 to 13 mph, with gusts reaching 20 mph and the chance of precipitation is 80%.

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

Tomorrow will be mostly sunny with a high near 35, but the wind chill will make you think twice about stepping outside with exposed skin. Southerly winds at 5 to 10 mph will become westerly at 16 to 21 mph in the afternoon, and gusts could even reach 46 mph. Put on your hat, mittens, and a nice big scarf! The chance of precipitation is 40%, so we may see scattered snow showers between 1 and 4 p.m.

Tomorrow Night:

Another Arctic cold front will push through tomorrow, bringing bitter cold overnight. The low will be only 6 degrees, and wind chill values may be as low as -6 degrees. Winds from the northwest will blow at 13 to 18 mph, decreasing after midnight. However, gusts may reach as high as 34 mph.

2 meter air temperatures (F) at 7 p.m. Wednesday as an Arctic cold front comes through (Image via Tropical Tidbits)

Featured image via Pixabay