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Evening Update: Nice Weather to Start Off Finals Week

The snowstorm that hit the Southeast missed us yesterday and may have left some Terps disappointed, but the sun is shining in College Park making for an overall nice day for the last day of classes. The high for today is about 42 degrees, so coats are recommended when walking around campus. The skies will remain clear through tonight and temperatures will fall into the mid-20s, so if tonight will be a late night at McKeldin, make sure you bundle up!


Clear skies will make the weather a little more bearable, but temperatures will fall into the mid-20s, so jackets and hats are a must. Winds will be light around 5 mph. If you aren’t a fan of cold weather, you may want to consider remaining in your room for studying or relaxing before finals week begins.

Tomorrow (Tuesday):
Reading Day will be very similar to today with a high in the low-40s, clear skies, and light winds. It will be an overall nice day for cold weather lovers.

A Look Ahead:

Uncharacteristic of Maryland, the weather is expected to remain constant from now through Thursday. High temperatures are anticipated to stay in the low-40s, the skies will stay sunny, and winds will be light. However, it wouldn’t be Maryland without some rain, which will be arriving on Friday and sticking around through Saturday.

There’s not a whole lot happening in the DC area over the next few days. (Via Weather Prediction Center).

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