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Evening Update: Upcoming Exams not the Only Thing Bringing High Pressure

Although some models in the past few days predicted snow for our area, those hopes were dashed by this morning. Today was cooler than yesterday and the day before, and we can expect temperatures to go back up tomorrow. However, with today’s high of 39 and a low that should be around 26, we are still a bit cool for this time of the month when the average high is still 50 degrees and the average low is only 35 degrees.


Early this evening will be cloudy, then gradually clear later on while high pressure builds. The overnight low will be around 27 degrees, and winds will come from the northwest at around 7 mph.

Tomorrow (Thursday):

Cloud cover will increase again throughout the day on Thursday as temperatures reach 41 degrees, a slight warm up from today but still below the climatological average. Winds from the southwest will blow at 6 to 8 mph.

Surface analysis for tomorrow at 7 a.m. High pressure over our region clears clouds overnight, but the cold front sweeping through will bring them back. (Image via NCEP)

Tomorrow Evening:

Thursday evening will start off cloudy then gradually clear up again. The low temperature will be 31 degrees, and southwest winds at 5 to 8 mph will come from the west after midnight.

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