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Evening Update: Cold Temperatures on the Way

Today was a b-e-a-utiful day! Temperatures were above average for early December, peaking in the upper 50s, and the sun added some pleasant warmth as well. Unfortunately, most students are stressed out with finals coming up and may not have had a chance to get out and enjoy the weather. Cold temperatures are coming back though, and they will stick around for the rest of the week.


A cold front will move through our area tonight causing temperatures to drop down into the mid-30s, and skies will become partly cloudy. Make sure you grab a jacket if you plan on making any late night trips to the library to study. Winds will also stick around, blowing from the northwest at about 8-10 mph and bringing cooler air.

Today’s national forecast chart from NOAA shows the cold front that will move through the area tonight, bringing more seasonable temperatures (via the National Weather Service).


Skies will be mostly sunny much like today, but the high temperature will only be in the low-to-mid 40s. Winds will persist from the northwest at about 8-11 mph. The overnight low temperature will drop into the upper 20s, making for a frigid night. If you are headed out, you might want to take your winter jacket.

A Look Ahead:

The rest of the week is looking like temperatures will continue to drop. Wednesday being the coldest with the high temperature only forecast to be in the upper 30s. On Wednesday there is also a slight chance for areas in Maryland to see some flurries. It is possible for the College Park area to get a few, too, but it is unlikely due to the lack of moisture and above freezing temperatures during the day. Clouds will move in on Wednesday, but they won’t stick around; the sun will be back Thursday and Friday.


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