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Evening Update: Wind Dies Down but Cold Temps Remain

The brutal wind plaguing College Park has finally calmed down. With that, the sun was bright and sunny allowing for much more bearable conditions. However, temperatures remained fairly cold peaking in the low to mid 40s. While wind speeds reached the mid teens yesterday, they gradually slowed to below 5 mph today.


The wind will continue to slow down as the day progresses and there shouldn’t be much more than a light breeze overnight. There is a low pressure system arriving across the state sparking much debate as to how cloud cover will change during the night. With the cloud clover dispute, it brings into question how cold it will be, although best estimates expect temperatures to be around freezing.

Tomorrow (Friday):

As for tomorrow, rain is possible for a short period during the late morning, but winds should remain calm. Additionally, temperatures are expected to rise slightly up into the high 40s and conditions will be slightly cloudy.

Forecast Map for Friday morning courtesy of Weather Underground

Tomorrow Night:

Friday night appears to be fairly dry and no rain is expected to come. We should also see seasonable temperatures in the low 40s or high 30s, so don’t expect anything below freezing. Cloudy skies are also probable over campus Friday night.

A Look Ahead:

This weekend is expected to remain fairly dry, although rain is possible any time Sunday. As for temperatures, look for some consistent rising as the weekend progresses with some moderate weather in the low 60s on Sunday.

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