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Evening Update: Cold Weather Remains for the Rest of the Week

Today was very cold and windy, and generally just unpleasant to be outside in. Temperatures in the mid-30s were already cold enough, but strong winds made it feel even colder. While the winds are going to die down, the cold won’t be leaving for a few more days.

Temperatures in the mid-Atlantic are around 5 degrees Celsius (around 9 Fahrenheit) below average today (Image via Tropical Tidbits).


With only light cloud cover overnight, much of the remaining warmth escapes into the atmosphere, letting temperatures drop down to below freezing in the upper 20s. The winds won’t be as intense as they were during the day, but will still remain in the teens. If you’re going outside tonight, make sure you dress warmly, as windchill will bring the feels like temperature into the low 20s.

Tomorrow (Thursday):

As the end of the week approaches, temperatures will get slightly warmer. Temperatures will reach up into the mid-40s. Winds will continue the trend of decreasing, falling into the 5-10mph range. More clouds will roll in towards the latter half of the day as a storm approaches for this weekend.

Looking Ahead:

Friday will be very similar to Thursday, with the one main difference being increased cloud cover and a slight chance of isolated rain during the afternoon and evening. Saturday will rain most of the day and will continue into Sunday morning. However, the warm front coming through with this rain will bring temperatures on Sunday into the mid-60s, giving us a welcome break from the cold we’ve been experiencing.

Temperatures are significantly above average, around 12 Celsius (around 20 Fahrenheit) higher, reaching into the 60s (Image via Tropical Tidbits).


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