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Evening Update: Sunny Skies Ahead

Today was a pretty pleasant fall day. We had a slight warm up with a high temperature today in the mid 50s, which was a welcome break from the cold temperatures at the end of last week. We are not done with cold temperatures yet, but at least Thanksgiving break starts on Wednesday! Students have started leaving campus to go home for the holidays, but those who are not traveling too far will have to endure the cold temperatures later this week.


Skies will remain cloudy, and there is a slight chance of showers as a cold front moves through the area. The chance of precipitation is only 20%. The low temperature will drop down into the lower 40s overnight, and winds will remain fairly light around 6 mph from the south.

Tomorrow (Tuesday):

Tomorrow will be similar to Monday, but slightly colder. The high temperature will be near 50 degrees, and skies will be partly sunny. Winds will pick up to near 10-15 mph with gusts up to 24 mph. If you are still on campus for class, make sure you dress for possible wind chill.

A Look Ahead:

The sun will stay out through Friday, but temperatures will drop as a strong cold front will move through Wednesday night. Thursday (Thanksgiving) will be the coldest day of the week; the high temperature will be near 33 degrees. You will want to stay inside and nap after gorging on Thanksgiving foods.

This is the Day 3 National Forecast Chart from NOAA, showing the cold front that will pass through Wednesday night and bring cold temperatures for Thanksgiving.


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