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Maryland weather by Maryland students


The Terps that woke up early this morning were greeted with a beautiful blanket of snow, but those who woke up around noon found a wintry mix of rain, sleet, and sad students walking through puddles. About 1-2 inches of snow accumulated this morning, but as the day continued we saw the precipitation change from snow to a wintry mix and finally rain by mid-afternoon. As one may assume, temperatures were hovering just above freezing, but colder temperatures aloft allowed for precipitation other than rain.

Additionally, an areal flood watch has been issued for the area, so be careful while walking tonight.


As the day progresses the precipitation will be sustained, but as temperatures dip in the night, the wintry mix is likely to return due to below freeing temperatures aloft. However, the intensity of the precipitation is expected to taper off as the system quickly heads northeast.

Tomorrow (Friday):

By tomorrow morning the sky will have mostly cleared thanks, in part, to a weak high pressure system taking the place of the previous low pressure. Temperatures will peak in the upper 40s and conditions should be mostly sunny.

Snow Depth Analysis courtesy of Weather Street.

Tomorrow Night:

Friday night temperatures may drop again to below freezing, but the threat of precipitation is highly unlikely. Instead, we should expect clear skies and a first quarter moon illuminating the area. Additionally, wind speeds should be below 5 mph.

A Look Ahead:

Into the weekend the temperatures will stay below average with highs expected to barely hit 50. Saturday is predicted to be sunny but Sunday cloudy, and both days should be moderate in terms of wind speed. On Saturday in College Park, the Maryland football team faces the tough, 10th ranked Ohio State football team. Game-time temperatures should be in the mid 40s with a light breeze.

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