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EVENING UPDATE: Cooler Temperatures Ahead!

As midterms are coming to an end, we were granted fair weather this week until a cold front came through and caused showers through Friday night. Today was cooler than yesterday with highs around 60 degrees and a west wind ranging from 14-17 mph with wind gusts up to 29 mph. High pressure sitting overhead gave us clear skies, which made a perfect day for the game. Go Terps!


Temperatures will begin to drop with lows in the mid 30’s. The high pressure system will continue to strengthen and move northeast, causing clear skies through the night. There may be westerly wind speeds from 5-7 mph, calming though the evening.

Tomorrow (Sunday):

You may wake up with frost in the morning because of how cool the night will be. You can expect slight wind around 5 mph throughout the day and the high temperature will be in high 50’s. There is still high pressure aloft, giving us clear skies and dry air moving northeast.

Tomorrow Night:

As we go into Sunday night, the lows will be around 47 degrees. The chance of precipitation increases through the night to around 60% with showers likely after 2 a.m., but only 1/10 of an inch of rain may fall. With winds east around 6 mph, it is sure to be a cool breezy night.

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