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Evening Update: Warm Weather to Come Before Rain and Cooler Temperatures Return

Today’s temperature reaching into the mid-to-upper 60s was a nice respite from the cold weather we’ve been having. It’s also perfect weather for any Halloween plans you may have! Clear skies and light southerly winds make today a wonderful Fall day.


The temperature won’t drop much going into tonight, only falling into the mid-50s. Not too cold, but cold enough to keep trick or treaters from overheating in their costumes. Light and variable winds with little cloud cover will make great weather for people to celebrate the holiday.

Tomorrow (Thursday):

Tomorrow’s temperatures will reach well into the 70s, significantly above average for this time of year. Light cloud cover and moderate southerly winds will make it a fantastic day to be outside. Overnight, however, clouds will begin to roll in and bring with them a chance of rain. Isolated showers are somewhat likely, and there is a chance of thunder.

Temperatures will be nearly 10C above average (18F) tomorrow afternoon (from Tropical Tidbits).

A Look Ahead:

Friday will be warm like Thursday, but has chances of rain throughout the day, increasing towards sunset and the overnight hours. The temperatures return to average over the weekend, with clear skies and temperatures in the mid-50s on Saturday and Sunday.


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