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Evening Update: No Rain Until Thursday

A blanket of clouds is resting over College Park on the last Monday of October. Although some passing showers have Terps holding their umbrellas close, the sun is doing its best to peek through. High pressure is building into the area and temperatures are in the upper 50s today accompanied by a gusty breeze. The leaves on a few trees are starting to change color, producing an overall Halloween vibe with the fall weather.


Whether you’re headed out to a Halloween party or headed to McKeldin to study, you can leave the umbrella at home because any threat of rain will be clearing out. Don’t forget your jacket though, because temperatures will fall around 40 degrees. Winds will be dying down to about 7 mph.

Tomorrow (Tuesday):

High pressure will stick around, bringing lots of sunshine tomorrow. The high temperature will be around 60 degrees and winds will be light. Tomorrow will be the perfect day to get outside to study or exercise.

Tomorrow Night:

The high pressure will begin to move away from the area Tuesday night, but it will still be clear. Expect the low temperature to be in the mid-40s and expect winds to be light.

A Look Ahead:

Halloween is looking clear, with Thursday and Friday being the highest rain threats for the week. High temperatures this week peak at about 70 degrees on Wednesday and then trend around 60 degrees for the remainder of the week.

Expect sunny skies on Tuesday as high pressure settles in our area. (Via Weather Prediction Center)


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