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Evening Update: The Word of the Day is Brisk

Today has been a brisk fall day, with a high in the upper 50s and winds from the northwest above 20 mph. The only thing we are missing is the vibrant fall foliage, which may or may not be coming around soon. This summer’s rainfall may have been excessive, but it sure kept the leaves healthy and hydrated for their show of colors in the fall. However, the DMV remained quite warm and rainy earlier this season, which can dull the red pigments in leaves. Check the Fall Foliage Network’s website for reports on the east coast fall foliage!


Tonight will remain brisk, dry and breezy, although the northwest wind will subside to 7 to 11 mph. The low will dip down into the upper 30s, leaving College Park residents missing yesterday’s temperatures that managed to reach 70 degrees. High pressure will build overnight, and stick around until Friday morning.

Tomorrow (Thursday):

The high pressure system will keep College Park sunny, breezy, and you guessed it—brisk. Tomorrow’s high temperature will be 55 degrees, and the northwest winds will blow at 8 mph. Now might be a good point in the semester to bring those scarves and hats from home, Terps!

Tomorrow Night:

Some clouds will roll in tomorrow night as low pressure builds before the rain to come on Friday. The winds will be light and variable, and the low temperature will be in the low 40s.

A Look Ahead:

The remnants of the Hurricane Willa that made landfall yesterday in the Baja on the Pacific side of Mexico may bring some moisture to our region this weekend. Temperatures will range from the mid 50s during the day to the upper 40s at night, but currently there is a 90% chance of rain Friday night, a 70% chance on Saturday, and a 30% chance Saturday night. Hopefully this rain does not put a damper on any Terps’ early Halloween celebrations, but it should make for a spooky weekend for sure!

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Precipitation accumulation from tonight until Saturday night will be around 1.5 inches

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