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Evening Update: Clear Skies and Sunshine

Clear skies and sunshine is the perfect description for todays weather. A few clouds were present, but passed throughout the day. Temperatures were mild today hovering around the mid to upper 60s. There was a nice breeze coming from the Southwest at 5 miles per hour. These conditions were the set-up for a perfect fall day!


Tonight, skies will remain clear as a high pressure system enters the area. Winds will shift to come from the northwest at about 8 mph. Temperatures tonight will drop into the upper 30s and low 40s, so be prepared for some chilly autumn weather this evening!

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

Tommorrow wil be another sunny, clear-skied day. However, temperatures will not be as agreeable. Expect tomorrow to feel a little cooler than today, as the high will be 57 degrees. Tomorrow evening tempertures will drop into the 30s. It’s going to be a cold one, so be sure to bundle up.

National Forecast Map from the Weather Prediction Center

A Look Ahead:

The high pressure system will persist for the next couple of days, bringing with it clear skies and sunny conditions. Chilly temperatures will stick around Wednesday and Thursday. Later in the week, we can expect some rain, so continue to check back in with our forecasts.


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