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Evening Update: Sunny Skies Persist

Today was a beautiful sunny day, and tomorrow you can expect another day of sun! The morning started out cold, low temperatures last night dropped into the 30s and even caused frost in the area, but temperatures quickly warmed up in the afternoon into the mid-to-upper 50s. The sun was out yet again, making for a nice fall day.


Temperatures overnight are going to drop into the lower 40s. If you are venturing out make sure to grab a coat! We are well into fall now, and temperatures are starting to show it. Skies will become partly cloudy, and there will be a light breeze from the south at 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow (Tuesday):

Sunny skies return for another beautiful fall day! High temperatures will reach up near 65 degrees, which is about average for this time of year in our area. Temperatures will drop overnight into the low 40s as a cold front moves through the area, but the front will not produce any rain.

The short range 36 hour forecast from the National Weather Service shows the cold front moving towards our area while remaining dry.

A Look Ahead:

The rest of the work week will remain dry as high pressure moves in following the cold front that will pass on Tuesday. Temperatures will drop into the low-to-mid 50s and skies will remain sunny. The weather will be very mild and pleasant, which is perfect for any outdoor fall activities you may have planned. Friday night into the Saturday there is a chance of rain, which may, unfortunately, bring an end to our dry streak.


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