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Evening Update: Delayed Start to Spooky Weather

With spooky season right around the corner, I’ve been hoping for some cooler weather, but unfortunately my wishes have not been granted. The weather today was humid and hot, feeling more like August than October. High temperatures were in the low 80s with a mild southerly wind. I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer for that autumn chill.


Tonight will be mostly cloudy with temperatures dropping into the upper 60s. Because of the convection that developed throughout the day, we have a good chance of experiencing fog and slight drizzle. Winds will remain the same, coming from the South at 6 miles per hour.

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

Tomorrow will be similar to today with highs around 80 degrees. We will see some fog and drizzle early in the morning, but it will clear up into the day. The daytime should be sunny, warm, and humid. However, the chance for showers will return in the evening and temperatures will drop some. Wind direction for Wednesday remains the same with speeds picking up to about 8 miles per hour.

A Look Ahead:

Hurricane Michael is now located to the west of Florida’s southern coast. As of now, it is predicted to make landfall Wednesday evening in western Florida. The path seems to have shifted slightly more south than it was yesterday, but hurricane projections frequently change as atmospheric dynamics shift and forecasters learn more information, so stay tuned for our updates throughout the week.

Updated path of Hurricane Michael (via the National Hurricane Center).

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