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Evening Update: Summer Weather Continues into October

Temperatures today reached into the low 80s, notably above the average for October 3rd of 72°. Light cloud cover and winds made today feel like a late summer day. These conditions will be sticking around for a little while, so enjoy the warm weather while you can.


Temperatures fall to the low 60s tonight, still above the average by about 10 degrees. The skies will be partly cloudy, and the winds light and variable. There is a very slight chance of small, isolated rain showers overnight.


Tomorrow remains uncharacteristically warm, with daily temperatures maxing out in the mid-80s. Light and variable winds, as well as partly cloudy skies, will make tomorrow feel very similar to today.

Temperature anomalies tomorrow afternoon, showing that the College Park area is 3-5° Celsius above average (6-10° Fahrenheit). (Image from UMD’s Trowal, using the GFS)

Looking Ahead:

Around Friday, a cold front will be coming through, bringing temperatures more into alignment with seasonal averages, as well as clouds and the potential for some rain.


Featured Image via flexmls.