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Evening Update: Scattered Fog and Gray Skies

Today was another damp Tuesday, consisting of scattered showers and cloudy skies. Temperatures were comfortable with the high today hovering around the mid 70s, courtesy of a warm front passing through our area. It seems like summer isn’t going to leave quietly.


Tonight the rain will take a break and temperatures will drop slightly into the low 70s to high 60s. Some patchy fog can be expected due to the remaining moisture and light winds over the College Park area.

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

Tomorrow temperatures will be higher, reaching into the mid 80s. The morning will be fairly mild with some fog remaining from Tuesday evening. We can expect isolated showers throughout the day as a cold front approaches the area, promoting some convection. This will lead to a possible thunderstorm late in the afternoon, so come prepared with your umbrellas and rain boots! The showers will stick around into the evening.

National Forecast Chart (sourced from NOAA WPC)

A Look Ahead

The chance for showers continues into Thursday and Friday with temperatures dropping back into the 70s. But, if you’re already looking forward to the weekend like I am, then you’re in luck! On Saturday, the sun comes back out, albeit with a few clouds hanging around. It should be a nice day to squeeze in those last few summer activities.


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