UMD Weather

Maryland weather by Maryland students


The First Look Fair at UMD received some fabulous weather today. We had sunshine throughout most of the day with some scattered clouds and a light breeze. Unlike previous days, the temperature wasn’t too unbearable, peaking around the high 70’s to low 80’s. The light breeze shouldn’t get much stronger than 10 mph for the rest of the day and night.

Through Tonight:

The clouds will begin to grow in number and size tonight providing the perfect blanket for a warm night. We can expect to see temperatures staying up in the high 60’s without getting much lower than 65.

Forecast Map courtesy of the National Weather Service.

Tomorrow (Friday):

Tomorrow’s weather will much of the same. We should expect to see some partly cloudy skies, and a strong sun bringing temperatures into the low to mid 80’s. In addition, wind speeds will pick up a bit reaching up to 10 mph. The combination of the wind and sun should provide the perfect weather for any outdoor activities.

A Look Ahead:

Into the weekend the clouds may begin to dominate as a cold front pushes through on Saturday. With it we should expect to see some rain and colder temperatures. However, the colder temperatures shouldn’t be intolerable since it should stay above 60 degrees throughout the weekend.


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