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Evening Update!

With the much-anticipated career fair being held today at the Xfinity Center, the high humidity, scattered showers, and dreary conditions were an unpleasant occurrence for the suit-wearing, resume-bearing students trekking across campus. Stay tuned to see how the weather can impact your weekend activities.

Tonight (Thursday)

Rain is expected to take a short hiatus for most of the night, with the chance of rain staying under 15% until past midnight. Temperatures will stay in the middle to upper 70s, with the sky staying mostly cloudy until past dark. Hurricane Florence is still letting her presence be known with 5 mph winds coming from the East North East through tonight.

Tomorrow (Friday)

The dreary days make a wet comeback as scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected all day tomorrow. The temperature will climb to the middle 70s during the day, but with humidity it will feel closer to 80 degrees. By 8pm, the thunderstorms are expected to stop and cloudy skies continue for the rest of Friday night.

A Look Ahead

While UMD and Maryland aren’t expected to be directly hit by Hurricane Florence in the next 48 hours, the massive storm is expected to make landfall around the Carolinas late tonight or early Friday morning. While maximum sustained winds have dropped the hurricane’s category from a 4 to a 2, the hurricane still presents the ability to cause a large amount of damage due to the large width and storm surge. UMD may catch a break in rain for the upcoming home football game, but can expect rain at the start of next week from the remnants of hurricane Florence moving to the northeast. Students should prepare for the possibility of flooding from the additional precipitation.


Expected path of Florence through Tuesday (via National Hurricane Center).

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