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A Warm Welcome to the Fall Semester

Welcome back Terps! Today marked the first day of classes for the 2018 Fall semester here at the University of Maryland, and Mother Nature had an exceptionally WARM welcome for us. Today, temperatures reached up into the mid 90s, but it felt like 100 degrees outside! Temperatures this high makes for many sweaty Terps out there, so be sure to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, the next couple days are not looking much better than today; it will be equally as hot and humid.


Temperatures will drop down into the mid 70s with partly cloudy skies. Winds will remain light, about 5 mph, from the Southwest. As long as you can bear with the humidity sticking around, it will be a pleasant night for meeting up with old friends on campus or just exploring if you are a new Terp.


It will be hot and humid yet again, very similar to the previous day. High temperatures will reach into the mid 90s with high humidity making the air feel much hotter. According the the National Weather Service, heat index values will be as high as 104! You will feel like you’re melting as soon as you step outside. Skies will be mostly sunny, showing off campus to new students in the best light possible. Winds will remain light and shift to be coming from the South.

Forecast chart showing high temperatures for our region on Tuesday, August 28th (via National Weather Service).

Tomorrow Night:

Skies will remain mostly clear with low temperatures in the mid 70s, very similar to Monday night. Winds will remain light, near 5 mph, and shift back to be coming from the Southwest. Another good evening for outdoor activities on campus.

A Look Ahead: 

Wednesday will look almost exactly the same as Monday and Tuesday: hot, humid, and sunny. Thursday is when things start to shake up. There is a chance of showers during the day and a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening. The chances for precipitation and storms continue into the weekend, so keep an eye on the weather if you have outdoor labor day plans. This rain will provide us with some relief, cooling temperatures down a bit for the weekend.


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