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Evening Update: Taking the Weekend to Cool Off

Capping off a hot and dry week for the most part, drizzling continues through the afternoon and we may finally see some more substantive showers tonight than last night. We will also feel some relief as temperatures hover around the 60s-70s today and dip into the mid-50s tonight. Still, slight humidity could counteract these cooler conditions that we experience today.

Total expected rainfall for the weekend is light but still enough to end a dry week. (via WPC/NWS/NOAA)


Through Tonight:

Clouds will remain into the evening, preceding the showers we are supposed to see. A surface low pressure system enhances these chances for precipitation as rain and cloud formation could wrap around it. A light northeast wind around 6 mph could also provide some cooling relief from this warm week. The mostly gray sky will persist from today into tomorrow.


Tomorrow (Sunday):

Low clouds, coupled with showers and drizzle continuing into tomorrow, will contribute to the overall total rainfall for the weekend. However, total amounts will likely not surpass a half an inch. The highs will hover around the mid to upper 60s as another light wind blows at 6 mph from the northeast. The saturated conditions will continue as off-and-on dampness persists throughout the day.