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Evening Update: A Bright and Sunny May Day in College Park

With clear blue skies, no clouds in sight, and unimpeded sunlight, it would seem that we have finally left winter behind and are now well entrenched in spring. With a high in the low 80s and a light breeze of 5 mph, its a perfect day to go outside and enjoy the sight of flowers and trees fully in bloom. The weather finally matches the month that we are in.

Through Tonight:

Clear skies should remain mostly clear into the night, which should help bring cooler temperatures. A low of 54 is expected tonight, with winds calm at around 6 mph going southwest. So, if the daytime temperatures were a bit too hot for you, tonight should feel refreshing.

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

Thanks to the presence of a high pressure system right off the coast, conditions tomorrow will be similar to today in terms of another clear blue day. Expect temperatures to be higher however, close to 87 degree . Fortunately, winds will also see an increase ranging from 5 to 10 mph and with gusts up to 20 mph expected. Winds and low dewpoints tomorrow will help to cool things off occasionally, and help to take an edge off of the heat.

Forecasted dewpoint temperatures across the northeast tomorrow, showing pretty dry conditions relative to the expected high temperatures. (via TropicalTidbits)


The Week Ahead:

With the continued presence of high pressure at the surface, temperatures are expected to remain in the mid to high 80s through the week, with a possibility of temperatures crossing into the 90s on Thursday and Friday.

Skies should remain clear up until Friday evening when the slow but steady influx of water vapor from the high pressure system leads to a chance of rain as a cold front clips the region. This could bring rain or thunderstorms Friday evening into Saturday afternoon, and the associated cold front should bring cooler temperatures in the upper 70s and ending this temporary blitz of summer heat.