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Evening Update: Cooler Temps Stick Around

Today’s weather is a carbon copy of what we’ve been seeing lately, temperatures in the upper 50s and windy. These anomalous temperatures aren’t looking like they’re going anywhere soon, which makes us wonder when spring is finally going to replace winter.


Clear skies tonight will allow the heat on the surface to escape. Temperatures will drop into the upper 30s, so it will still feel like winter tonight. Winds will be 5-10 mph out of the north, helping make it feel even colder. Definitely layer up if you decide to venture out tonight.

Tomorrow (Saturday):

Saturday will have mostly clear skies, allowing temperatures to rise faster during the day. The high temperatures will break into the 60s, but not for too long, eventually dropping into the low 40s overnight. Light and variable winds mean tomorrow will feel slightly warmer than today, but not by much, and certainly won’t feel like the weather we’d expect at this time of year. There is a light at the end of the (cold) tunnel, we promise!

Though some areas start to see warmer temperatures, most of Maryland will still be a few degrees below average. (via Tropical Tidbits)