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Evening Update: Spring Blossoms with Lovely Warm Weather

The University of Maryland campus burst into full bloom overnight as temperatures rose up to 77 degrees! Despite the significant increase in temperature from the 50’s we saw yesterday, the occasional stiff breeze kept us cool. It seems like spring has finally decided to make its grand entrance, just in time for the cherry blossom festival this weekend.

Through tonight:

There is a red flag fire warning in effect due to the dry and windy conditions, so please be careful with any open flames. Tonight will be clear and breezy, with winds from the southwest at 9 to 15 mph, and gusts reaching 24 mph. The night will cool down to 55 degrees, so if you’re dressed for today’s warm weather, make sure to grab a jacket before you go out tonight!

Tomorrow (Friday):

Tomorrow is going to be a great end to this week, with bright and sunny skies, and even warmer weather than today. High temperatures are likely to surpass 80 degrees, and southwest winds will remain at 9 to 15 mph, with gusts up to 24. We’ve had enough gray, chilly days, so hopefully we’ll see weather like this more frequently throughout the rest of April.

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High pressure to the north will keep our Friday clear, but watch out for rain later this weekend as low pressure moves through.