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Evening Update: March Going out Like a Lamb with Showers and Milder Temperatures

Following this damp and chilly week, this morning was drab and unassuming. But somewhere around noon, the gray skies turned to blue, and temperatures climbed from the high 40s all the way up to the low 70s. The wind was barely there, occasionally reaching 5 mph, as we are all holding our breath hoping spring is finally here to stay. March sure came in like a lion, so now we’ll see if it is ready to go out like a lamb.

Through Tonight: 

A low pressure system will pass through to the northwest tonight, bringing a cold front right behind it. Expect mild temperatures, only dipping into low 60s. Winds from the southwest will blow at 5 to 10 mph, until midnight when the winds pick up to 11 to 16 mph, with gusts even up to 24 mph. There is a 80% chance of rain, as showers ahead of the cold front reach the area after 2 am.

Tomorrow (Friday):

With mostly cloudy skies and a 60% chance of rain, Friday’s will not have the same pleasant spring weather we got today. However, temperatures will remain mild, with a high of 64. Be prepared for patchy fog until the late morning, and showers likely before 2 pm, with the slight possibility of thunderstorms between 11 am and 2 pm. There is also a chance of showers after 2 pm, but do expect more than 0.1 in accumulation on Friday, except in thunderstorms. Winds will blow at 10 to 14 mph from the southwest in the morning, and the northwest later in the day, and gusts may reach 24 mph.

The cold front will bring rain up and down the East Coast tomorrow morning and afternoon. (Via Tropical Tidbits)

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