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Evening Update: Bright Blue Skies Transition to Rainy Weekend

Today’s blue skies and breeze from the west-northwest at 5 to 10 mph almost make you forget about the temperatures hovering right above freezing–that is, until the 20 mph gusts blow on your face just to remind you that we’re still in early February. Still, after yesterday’s gray skies and freezing rain, this sunlight is much appreciated even though it provides little solace from the cold.

Through Tonight:

We are looking at more clear skies and light winds tonight. Temperatures will drop from 35 all the way to 24 degrees in the early morning, so dress warm if you are going out tonight! However, around 11pm the winds will calm down and not make the sub freezing temperatures feel any worse than they are.

Tomorrow (Friday):

Tomorrow’s weather will feel warmer with a temperature range of about 37 to 46 and winds 10 to 20 mph from the southeast. However, our bright blue skies will be replaced by mostly cloudy skies foreshadowing the rain rolling in this weekend. Enjoy the the dry weather while it lasts!

High pressure today and tomorrow will keep us dry, but precipitation to the west may come soon. (Via Tropical Tidbits


Featured image via Pixabay.