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Evening Update: Light Snow Tonight Into Tomorrow Morning

Welcome back! The Spring semester at the University of Maryland has started, but it won’t feel much like Spring tomorrow. The mild temperatures that were felt this weekend will come to an end tonight and snow showers will likely greet those who are awake early tomorrow. Early indications look like the snow will be more of a nuisance in the morning and not cause major travel disruptions.

Through Tonight:

Clouds will remain this evening and throughout the night. Temperatures will start in the low 40s and dip into the low 30s by sunrise. Snow showers will move into central Maryland and D.C. by 4 a.m. With temperatures above freezing and road temperatures still above freezing from the last few days of mild weather, roads should stay mainly wet. The University of Maryland should expect a dusting of snow on grassy surfaces, with slightly higher amounts in northern Maryland. Winds will be calm and out of the northeast.

NWS snow forecast for tonight through tomorrow.

Tomorrow (Tuesday):

Light snow and lingering snow showers will last until around 11 a.m. Snow totals will add up to around a half inch. High temperatures will be on the chilly side and only reach the mid-30s. Winds will increase and really crank up out of the northwest in the afternoon at 15-20 mph. This will cause wind chills to be in the low 20s.

TerpWRF forecasting strong winds out of the northwest tomorrow afternoon. (Via Trowal)


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