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EVENING UPDATE: Showers Possible Tonight; November Weather Tomorrow

November has settled in, as more seasonable temperatures have been prevalent throughout the week. Today was warmer than yesterday, making for a cool, mild day. Clouds have stuck around most of the day as well, but are not supposed to stick around much longer. The rest of the week looks mild with temperatures slightly below average for this time of year.

Through Tonight:

Clouds will stick around for the remainder of the day, making for a gloomy evening. Temperatures will dip down into the mid 40s with wind remaining light and variable throughout the night. A cold front will be moving through our area late tonight and some showers are possible around 2 am.

HRRR model showing rain entering Western Maryland around midnight. Some showers will affect the DC area around 2 am (via Trowal)

Tomorrow (Thursday):

Once the cold front moves through, skies will begin to clear with partly cloudy skies expected for tomorrow. Winds will start off light in the morning out of the SW, but will pick up in the afternoon at around 10-15 mph from the NW. Highs will climb into the mid 50s, similar to today’s temperature.