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Evening Update: Chilliest Air of the Season to Freeze College Park

Today was yet another gray day with a few sprinkles with highs in the mid 50s, which is about average for early November. Break out those heavy coats tomorrow and Saturday as the coldest air of the season so far swoops in from Canada.


Cloudy skies will take their time to clear overnight as well as winds blowing from the northwest at 8-12 mph. Combine these two factors and we get temperatures to fall to the mid 30s.

Tomorrow (Friday):

Tomorrow will be sunny, but brisk, thanks to a strong cold front. Winds from the northwest will continue to howl with 15-20 mph with gusts over 30 mph. Highs will struggle to reach 40 as the cold front passes through. Tomorrow night will be mostly clear with winds from the north at 8 to 12 mph. Lows will fall into the mid 20s, which has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a Freeze Watch starting at 7 pm, lasting all night until 10 am Saturday morning. There is a high chance that watch will become a warning. All cold-sensitive plants will need to be taken inside.

A look Ahead:

GFS model showing temps as we wake up Saturday morning dipping below freezing with lows in the College Park area  in the mid to upper 20s. (via TropicalTidbits)

The first half of our weekend remains nippy as high temperatures struggle to hit the 40 degree mark, making for a chilly football game in the afternoon. Talk about good football weather…but, after our first real dose of winter, Sunday will feel warmer with highs close to 50 degrees.


Feature photo courtesy of Pixabay.