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Forecast Outlook: Mixed Bag of Weather as We Set our Clocks Back

A great day to spend some time outside on McKeldin Mall.


Nothing like starting off your November in the mid 70s, right? Saturday should be cooler as a cold front swoops through and knocks our temperatures down. Temps will be down, but not out as they rebound on Sunday to be greater than the climatological averages by a consistent 10 degrees, as we set our clocks back an hour.


Clouds will build into the region and blanket us tonight with the approaching cold front, giving us a slight chance for showers in the evening before 9 pm. The night will be mostly cloudy with low temperatures in the upper 40s with a north wind up to 10 mph.

Tomorrow (Saturday):

Light rain is possible but not likely throughout the day. Your first Saturday of the month will feel more reasonable for this time of year as winds transition to more of an easterly direction and temps rise to the upper 50s. 30% chance of rain possible in the afternoon, but rain looks more probable overnight. Low temperatures will feel pretty consistent with the day time high. Low temperatures will barely drop, remaining in the low 50s with a calm east wind.


A warm front will move across the region bringing warmer temperatures and more humidity. High temperatures will creep back up to the upper 60s. There is a slight chance for rain during the day but clouds will cover most of the skies. Sunday night, low temperatures will drop down to the upper 50s.


Feature photo courtesy of Pixabay.