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Evening Update: Warm Weather Sticks Around to End the Week

The weather today was reminiscent of September temperatures; hardly what you’d expect for November. At an average high of 63, today’s high in the mid-70s was over 10 degrees warmer. These warm temperatures will stick around for the remainder of the week.

Through Tonight:

The warmth of the day sticks around overnight in the DC area, with temperatures dropping barely below 60 at the coldest part of the night. Light cloud cover and calm winds mean tonight will be relatively comfortable, as opposed to the average in the mid-40s.

Tomorrow (Friday):

Tomorrow will be very similar to today, with temperatures reaching into the mid-70s. Winds will be out of the west at around 5 miles per hour, and skies will be partly cloudy. It will be phenomenal weather to end the week and a great day to clean up Halloween decorations if you still have them out.

Friday afternoon temperatures reach into the mid-70s in the DC area, with warmer temperatures southward and cooler temperatures across the Appalachians (via: Tropical Tidbits)