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Evening Update: Decent Trick or Treating Weather Followed by Gray Wednesday

Happy Halloween! Today was just about the most textbook, classic Halloween weather we could have asked for – upper 50s degrees with a few clouds in the morning that dissipated by afternoon. If you’ve got your costume on today, hopefully you stayed warm. I definitely felt a little chilly, especially this morning!

Stay warm tonight! (via Pixabay)

Through Tonight:

Your official Halloween forecast tonight is almost a carbon copy of last night’s weather, throwing in a few clouds. Bundle up if you decide to take part in trick or treating tonight. Low temperatures should bottom out near 40 in many locales. Urban areas will see slightly higher temps, whereas suburbs will likely see upper 30s, as we have light winds out of the north.

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

The amount of clouds will grow tomorrow thoughout today to begin our November. A warm front will traverse its way past the DMV, giving about a 20% chance of some light rain tomorrow in the p.m. hours. The farther north and west from College Park, the higher the chance of rain. Regardless, highs will reach the upper 50s or low 60s in most areas, with east winds to keep us cool. Expect a return of warmer temps Thursday and Friday.

Low clouds in the forecast to stick around tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m. (via TropicalTidbits)


Feature photo courtesy of Pixabay.