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Maryland weather by Maryland students


No plans for the weekend? Take a scenic bike ride around town or bring your studies outdoors.  The calm winds and comfortable temperatures will surely be enjoyable before temperatures fall to the average autumn temperatures between the 50s and 60s. High pressure across the region has consistently given our region clear skies and no precipitation. If you liked the last two days, well you’re in store for more. If you’re a night skywatcher, this weekend you’re in for a spectacle view.


Mostly clear skies with low temperatures in the low 50s to upper 40s and a calm north wind about 3 to 6 mph. Not quite as chilly as the past few nights but, a light jacket is a must for a night out.


Sunny with high temperatures in the mid 70s with a light southeast wind. Saturday evening will continue to have clear skies but temperatures are expected to drop to the low 50s with a variable wind up to 6 mph.


Weekend winner for nicest outdoor weather! Mostly sunny skies with high temperatures in the upper 70s. A calm south wind will persist into the evening and temperatures will drop to the mid 50s.

Orionid Meteor Shower 

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a meteor! The Orionid Metoer Shower peaks this weekend. According to NASA, the meteors will strike across the entire sky and will be visible from anywhere on Earth on Friday and Saturday night between midnight and dawn. Depending on your location, you may be able to see up to 15 meteors per hour.

USA TODAY says: “As the comet moves through space, it leaves debris in its wake that strikes Earth’s atmosphere most fully around Oct. 20-22, each year. Although the comet itself is nowhere near Earth, we’re now intersecting the comet’s orbit.”

No worries if you miss this shower, check out the Leonids in November or the Geminds in December!